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We undertake all the stages of the work needed to construct a new building from the beginning to the end. Creating a construction requires the involvement of many different specialties and requires knowledge, experience and organization.

Prior to the beginning of the project, together with the detailed budget of the project and the technical description, we draw up a timetable according to which the project will be constructed.

The daily presence of experienced engineers in our constructions ensures the perfect construction quality, the proper coordination of the crew involved, and the timetable itself.

The communication with the client, as often as required, and the written notification on a weekly basis, helps the client to have a complete picture of the progress of the project in all phases of the work.


With an extensive renovations experience, having permanently specialized crew on board, we undertake a radical or partial renovation of buildings, apartments, shops and business premises. We ensure strict adherence to the timetable we deliver to you before the start of operations, the coordination of the crew, the quality of construction at competitive prices.


• Buildings - Coatings.

• Electrical & Plumbing installations.

• Plasterboard work.

• Insulations.

• Painting-styles.

• Cementitious mortars.

• Stamped - Industrial Floors.

• Aluminum - Iron constructions.

• Carpentry.


In this case, your project is monitored by an experienced engineer who works with the construction manager of each construction and ensures you the control of the quality of the work and the materials, the timetable, the correct expenditure rate and the correct timing of the disbursement of the part payments of the project.

Communication with the client is as frequent as necessary and written information bulletin is issued on a weekly basis so that the client has a complete picture of the progress of the project at each stage.

  • Construction permits.


After the initial discussion of our creative team with the client, we record all project data for the construction that the customer wishes. This is followed by the drafting of first drafts based on the initial discussion. When finalized, the complete architectural study and the other studies accompanying it are drawn up. (Static, Fire Safety, Energy Performance, Hydraulic and Electrical Study, etc).

Then follow the approvals by the authorities (Archeology, Forestry, etc.)

A full dossier is then submitted, followed by the issuance of the License.

​The estimated time of issuance of the construction license ranges from 1 to 6 months

•   Consultation Services.

•   Shop operation licenses and installation licenses.

•   Arbitrary construction legalization.

•   Energy certificates - inclusion in the 'home-saving' program

•   Topographic designs.

•   Drawings - Photorealistic illustrations


S.KAVVADAS, in order to ensure the quality of the projects and its relationship with the clients, fully implements the quality management system ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008.


The Quality Policy of S.KAVVADAS is summarized as follows:

  • Carries out study and construction work responsibly and efficiently, in accordance with the offers and contracts signed, while respecting timetables and costs at competitive levels.

  • Ensures that client requirements and expectations are identified and met in each project to ensure a stable and long-lasting relationship with the clients.

  • Takes all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of workers.

  • Uses natural resources and raw materials with responsibility and respect for the natural environment, respecting social consciousness.

  •  Implements continuing education and training programs for staff.

  • Employs staff willing to participate in the company's goals and vision.

  • Makes sure all employees comprehend and are daily concerned with the implementation of the defined procedures.

  • Ensures that all quality assurance procedures that were developed during the design of the project were implemented during the construction phase and sets new objectives for improvement by assessing the outcome of each professional experience.

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